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Launched in 2007 and re-launched for 2012, this is a privately owned sole trader business pooling on the expertise and experience of IT tutors, office administrators and successful small business owners, to provide a training resource that best fits the needs of the self-employed, sole traders, small business owners and other home-based workers and learners.

the owner, tutor and administrator

If you are visually impaired, materials can be provided in large print or as audio recordings and your course can also include advice on using application features already on your computer that can help you.


For deaf and hearing impaired signers, your lessons can be delivered in British Sign Language in person or via MSN or Skype.

These additional services are provided at no extra cost to you.

Learners with disabilities

Call/Text: 07812 820715

“As a former further education college lecturer and member of the Institute for Learning, for 8 years I taught IT to adult students of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and professions.

I have a background of 30 years in home computing, more than 25 years experience in the use of computers and IT equipment in business, and in the setting up and running of administrative processes for sole trader, micro-businesses and small businesses. “ Lenora Sealy

additional services