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Basic lessons are designed for quick reference learning for those with very little time. You can learn just the essentials


Absolute beginners are welcome! Course levels range from beginners: (“How do I switch it on?”) to intermediate learners: (“How do I send an e-mail with an attachment?”), to advanced: (“How do link my spreadsheet column fields to my mail-merged document?”) to expert: (“How do I create a pivot table from multiple data sources?”)

Comprehensive lessons aim to cover each topic in much more detail. Although these lessons take longer to complete you will have a much more thorough knowledge which may avert the need for further training later

Courses are built to suit your needs. Training materials can be designed specifically for your business which you can then keep as a manual for the purpose of future reference or staff training. Because your training is bespoke, there are no exams or certificates.


Tuition Fees. Tuition is charged at £15 per hour. You pay only for your tutor’s time. There are no admin fees, no registration fees and no exam fees.

How Course Tuition is Delivered


There are several options on the delivery methods. You will be encouraged to choose more than one option.

1. Face-to-face (one-to-one or one-to-group) available for home offices and business offices*.

2. Printed materials, as you would expect, are an integral part or each course.

3. Telephone support. You will be allotted a generous set amount of time.

4. E-Mail support. You can opt to have all or some of your tuition via e-mail.

5. Text message and online conference (instant message or chat) support.


You will be advised if a particular option is not suitable for a lesson or topic.


*subject to availability and dependent on location and circumstances.