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Beginners will start with “How to turn it on”. You will be show how to use a keyboard and computer mouse or touch pad if your main computer is a laptop.


Your will be given a brief overview of the main components of a PC and shown how to turn your unit on and off safely.


With the computer on, you will be helped to understand and use items on your screen, including, icons, menus, toolbars and programme windows.



All the above topic will be discussed as well as the following:


Beginners will be taken through more detailed information about what the computer is doing when you first turn it on and how data is stored.


You will be shown ways to customise some basic features of the computer desktop so that Windows looks and behaves in a way that best suits how you want to use it. You will learn how to use all mouse buttons and controls.

You can pick from any of the above topics to create or add to a course you would like customised to your own needs.


You do not have to be a beginner to add these topics to your customised course.

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Computer Basics