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You will learn how to get important information about your computer’s operating system and hardware.


You will become familiar with the ways in which Window presents electronically held data including programmes, files and folders.


You will get to grips with how to access, store, remove and search for information stored on your computer.



All of the above topics will be covered in addition to the following:


You will learn to understand the difference between visual elements produced by your operating system and those specific to the programme you are using.


You will learn how to build an electronic filing system, by creating, renaming, moving, copying and deleting files and folders.

You can pick from any of the above topics to create or add to a course you would like customised to your own needs.


A beginner will find it useful to know some Computer basics first. You do not have to be a beginner to add these topics to your customised course.


You must know how to use a keyboard and a computer mouse or touch-pad if you wish to add any of these topic to your customised course.

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Windows Basics