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An explanation behind the layout of a standard 102 key keyboard will be given including ways to understand the function of certain keys.


You will be shown some basic techniques that professional touch-typist use to help you learn the layout of the keyboard quickly and you will be show exercised that will help you to gradually gain speed and accuracy.


Includes keys A to Z, 0 to 9, use of SHIFT/CAPS and some punctuation.



The above topics will be covered along with a more extensive training programme which makes use of all the keys.


You will be shown how to type all the symbol keys. Use function and arrow keys, numeric lock for the 10-key keypad (not available on netbooks and some laptops).


You will be shown techniques used by secretaries and speed typists.

You can pick from any of the above topics to create or add to a course you would like customised to your own needs.


Please note that this course is not suitable for some computer keyboards, including netbooks, tablet PCs and some laptops or desktop PCs with foreign keyboards. You must be using a standard 102 key, QWERTY, English UK keyboard.

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