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administrative support
training manual

Select from the list of basic or comprehensive courses or have your very own course designed for you to fit your own business office needs. You have the option of having a training manual designed specifically for your business.

Setting up and maintaining paper and electronic filing systems.


Document creation (Letters, Memoranda, Minutes, Reports, Graphs and Charts, Forms, etc.).


Consultation, development and implementation of systems for managing office tasks, automation of repetitive tasks. Research reporting.


Proofreading, and audio transcription.

Document the work that you do, the knowledge required and the skills you have gained into a manual which can be used to train new staff, apprentices and trainees.


Manuals can contain the remit of an entire job or individual tasks for which you have developed your own expertise.


The finished product can be a hard copy (ring binder/file), an electronic copy (on a CD), or both.

Filing, archiving, shredding, scanning and digitisation of your office paperwork.


Cleaning, clearing and re-organising of your office to maximize use of space.


Scheduling, diary synchronisation, rosters and time plans.

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Administrative support is

£10 per hour