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You will be instructed on basic programme features with a view to making it possible for you to be able to created a simple document. The features you will be shown will include those affecting the following topics:


Basic page settings and layout, entering and editing text, formatting text, checking text for spelling and grammar, saving and naming a document, printing a document (printer required) and closing the programme.





In additional to all of the above, you will learn the following:


Use of templates, advanced page settings including envelopes and labels, backgrounds and borders, use of tables, word art, clip art, bullets and numbering, page headers and footers, paragraph formatting, text boxes, mail merge documents, and animated text.


(Availability of features depends on programme and version)

You can pick from any of the above topics to create or add to a course you would like customised to your own needs.


You must already know Computer and Windows basics and have access to a word processing programme containing at least basic features to make use of the Basic topics in this course. For the Comprehensive topics you will need to have installed a fully working word processor, ideally, Microsoft Word. (not suitable for Notepad or OneNote)

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Word Processing