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How it works

It starts with an initial free consultation which is designed to help you analyse your needs. This includes looking at what you are planning to achieve, the  time and resources are available to you and how best to utilise these.


Why this is important. Most computer courses follow a set syllabus of units in order to meet a criteria set by an examining board. The course may contain elements that you neither need nor want to learn. The course level may be below or above your skills level. You may have to attend a set number of lessons at a specified location - which may interfere with the running of your business. At the end of the course, you may find that you have spent a considerable amount of time learning things about software you may never use or it may be simply that you still have to find the time to implement the skills into your office practice.


How Office-Admin courses differ:



During consultation, you will be given guidance on which programme features may better serve your office practice. Your course is then formulated to include only those features which you agree will be helpful to you and your business. Because the course programme is designed so specifically for your business - and this includes practical exercises which may only be applicable to your business - the resulting course programme, when completed, can also be retained by you.


This means that by the end of the course you can possess a complete training manual which you can then keep and use for future staff training and development. (optional)


Initial Consultation


Your learning needs are assessed and discussed

Course Creation


Your programme of learning is designed on contract

Course Delivery


You received tuition and learning materials

Training Manual


You receive a completed, personalised manual of your course